perseverance redefined

today i went to my writing appointment in the pouring rain. it was coming down in buckets and jars, big ones like grandma used to use to make her grape jelly in October. i miss my grannie, Lovie Jane Bush Knox.

i’m hearing now that in a 30-minute period, we received about 2 inches of rain. it was heavy, but determined,  i was willing to wade through water, like Moses and the children of Israel crossing the Red Sea, or walk on water like Peter, coming toward Jesus across the Sea of Galilee. both acts required great faith in someone bigger than the individual. i have faith that God will complete the good work he began in me.

in fact, the harder it rained the more galvanized my resolve to keep my writing appointment. they are crucial to me.

so perseverance was redefined today, 7-20-10. Encouraged by Tasha Jones, i listen closely to her performance pieces she rehearsed at Midtown Art & Coffee Lounge last Sunday night. haunting me is her commitment to the writing and the healing that’s within the writing.

I wrote a haiku in her honor:

Tasha Jones is fierce
spitting rhymes about her life
changing mine forever

so i persevere, pressing on in pursuit of my waking dreams of becoming a great writer, published, respected and in demand by my peers.  at times i’m not even sure who my peers are…but anybody in my circle who loves words as much as i do, is my peer. now i press on.


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