When the Lights Go Out

…and life returns to normal

Lightening over Wrightsville

i am lost in a world not of my own making. i search high and low for shelter or a sign of you so that i will feel secure and find none. i am not alone yet lonely for other sould like myself who, in the dark, can feel nothing.

a thunderstorm rises from the west and although they used to not bother me, since my encounter with raw nature, i am afraid.

i go to the deepest recesses of the house and ride out the storm. i call my dogs buddy and ezra to me. i feel their soft fur and subtle nervousness as the thunder and lightening rages. i wonder how long it will take IPL to restore power and muse why only one side of the street is darkened. bored with talking to the dogs,

i venture to a floor-to-ceiling window to watch trees sway and come to grips with the fear that i feel creeping up all around me. the only way to conquer fear is to face it, i hear in my inner ear. so i stand there before the glass door and watch lightening do what it does best: lighten things.

then the storm is over and life returns to normal.

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