200 Words, Real Fast


Tree and mist

once upon a time in a land far away there lived a beautiful woman who could not speak. she was beautiful by any one's standards, and everyone wanted to get to know who she was wherever she went. but not being able to speak was bothersome at times. She longed to talk to her friends about her day or whisper sweet nothings in the ear of her lover at night. alas, one day she decided to go see a doctor about her problem. it was time to see someone about this. but who would it be? Would she choose a doctor who specialized in vocal chord therapy or perhaps a doctor who was an expert at curing people who had psychological disorders that affected their speech. She decided to see the expert and call his office to make an appointment. the day came when she was to see the expert and she went to his office. when she arrived, she found a waiting room full of women in various states of beauty. Some with doe-shaped eyes; others with pouty mouths; still others with skinny waistlines or perky breasts. she thought, will the expert be able to focus enough to help me with my problem. But when the time came for her to be seen, he welcomed her into his small but quaint office. it was then their eyes met, and miraculously they fell in love at first sight. their love was so strong, talking about it seemed counter productive, and thus the need to speak was never a problem again.

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