commitment to writing

what an amazing day today was. i was able to spend time with a friend who is an awesome playright and storyteller. if you happen to be reading this blog entry, this one’s for you, dear. i’m grateful that in your own magical way you have brought clarity to an issue that has been on my mind for some time. and because of your incredible ability as a storyteller, i am writing a story myself now. and i move one step closer to completing my memoir project. i know this takes several people by surprise, but i am committed to the writing; i understand that the plan is to develop me into a writer and then release the story to me to tell.

meanwhile, i am working on a short, short tale. it’s a little different from what i normally write and it is not poetry. it is part of a series of personal essays that i have been working on since 2006 and excited to be back on track with this project.

stay tuned for more developments.

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