the joy of writing

today was an absolutely awesome day. sunday is my sabbath and i have disciplined myself to abstain from work. i go to church, eat a good meal and rest during the day. it is a day when i can indulge in a movie, a good book, or writing. i get a rush from writing. i have been working on a short story (1,500 amazing words!) that needs proofreading and editing. it’s another chapter in a different kind of love story for me, but an expression of who i am nevertheless.

in the week to come i will resume my pursuit of submissions and contests for my poems. i noticed that i actually haven’t written any poems in the last few days, but i have some ideas that i want to explore in detail. i’m listening for the right words to say. i’m waiting for the right time to say them.

a good friend caused me to pause and think about why i write. is my writing coming from the heart, or elsewhere. where else can writing come from I wonder. The pen runs out of ink that replenishes only in the well. this ink is red, blood red, and my heart bleeds on every page with every word… thus the sacrifice… thus the joy.

the joy of writing.



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