My 10 Best Qualities

When asked to name my 10 best qualities, i decided some things should be kept to myself and let others find out.

I am a hopeless romantic
I believe in love and I even believe in love at first sight. I believe that sensous connections can be made through touch. Skin contact is important but there is also power in eye contact. Try it sometimes.

I am eternally optimistic
The glass is and will always be half full. I have the unique ability to see the silver lining in every cloud. Even the ugliness of life has beauty to me and i commit to finding it.

I have a servant’s heart
for almost as long as I have been a working adult, I have been somebody’s administrative assistant. this is a line of work that requires a servant’s heart and a willingness to work quietly in the background.

I am able to let others gloat at my expense
From racing in traffic to being the first one through a door, the arrogant ones around me don’t often have to push me out of their way–i acquiesce at the risk of my own damaged ego. i hope some day the universe will correct this.

I am willing to be the butt of jokes at another’s expense
Rare is the bird that can take the ridicule of others and keep a straight face. the problem with this angelic characteristic is that it is taken as a sign of weakness and predatory people tend to push the limits of a person’s control. For shame.

I am something of a Bible scholar
Tis true. Several years ago, i spent 6 months on a leave of absence that i believe was orchestrated by the Holy Spirit so I could be intensely engaged in the study of the Bible. It was during this intense time i received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and received my call, my spiritual gifts and my prayer language.

I am self-sufficient.
While walking through a local hardware store the other day, i realized how much i knew about gardening both flowers and vegetables. i recognized tools and knew what they were commonly used for. i was able to determine that what i needed was on the opposite side of the store that i was in. Funny how this escaped me before.

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