The Morning So Far

the morning routine goes something like this…

Turkish coffee cup – Gigibaba

She wakes to the subtle movement of the bed, caused by stiring of her Heinz-57 dog, Ezra, who sleeps under it. In his effort to free himself from underneath the box spring assembly, he moves the bed just enough to cause her to stir. She swings her legs over the edge and is greeted by her two friends. While Ezra sleeps under her bed, the other dog, Buddy, who is consistently curled up on top of her house shoes, raises his head and begins the waking process. He's strategic, though. This is how he knows the woman is awake. He stretches his hind quarters and prepares to accompany her whereever she is going.

This morning, she goes into the bathroom and sits down without turning on the lights. The digital clock says 7:29 AM. "Lord, why do i have to get up at 7:30 even on Saturdays," she asks out loud, knowing the answer already.

She proceeds to the kitchen to begin her normal morning routine: set the tea pot on the stove after filling it with water (or at least checking the water level) in order to make her instant coffee, open the back door and let Buddy and Ezra outside to pee and poop, set a plate of cat food on the floor near the door so Ms. Momma can slip in without being noticed and grab a quick bite.

This morning is different because she feels a little jittery. It is wise to check her blood sugar levels and when she does, it is dangerously low. But a quick 8 oz glass of orange juice does the trick and she's back to normal in no time.

By now, the tea pot is whistling fiercely on the stove, so she prepares her first, and probably only, cup of coffee for the day. It's the same recipe she's used every morning since Paul died and she no longer needed a coffeemaker: one level teaspoon in the cup; followed by steaming hot water, a package of Equal sweetner and two teaspoons of hazelnut-flavored cream.

Checking the backyard, she calls B & E back to the house and they scamper in eager to see what crumbs and reminent remains in the cat's bowl. There's always a little residual left on the side of the bowl–though not for long.

Once they're inside, she grabs her cup of coffee and dismisses herself into her quiet room. It is here that everyday she engages in prayer and talks to God about her day. It is here that she reads a scripture to help keep her feet on the ground and her life in balance. Today, it is found in Proverbs and she learns that humility comes before honor (Prov. 15:33).

Good to know, and she tucks this wisdom in a notebook for future reference. After prayer, it's back in the bedroom to get dressed and begin the day.

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