discover your passion

been thinking a lot lately about life, passion and purpose. life is meaningless, so says the wisest man to ever live. talking about Solomon for all you Bible readers out there. But life and health is fleeting and I wholeheartedly believe it is important to live life to the fullest without regret but with passionate purpose. it’s the only way to touch another human being and make a difference in the world.

In the October 2010 issue of Essence magazine, Judge Glenda Hatchett offers an insight-inspiring, rhetorical question for those who are looking for purpose in their lives and, perhaps like me, have asked God to give you passion too. 

It is: “If the sky were the limit and you didn’t have barriers in life, what would you do?”

Good question, huh?

In order to answer the question in the first place, I believe we must (1) Understand that the vast canopy of sky above our heads is limitless and (2) Honestly identify our barriers.

For me the list includes:

trying to be accepted
trying to please everyone
poor health
inadequate finances
lack of faith
worrying too much
This could take a while. More tomorrow…

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