grocery cart mania

What is up with people in broad daylight taking grocery carts from the supermarket parking lots? Apparently, it’s not enough to enjoy the priviledge of the carts while in the store. it is now necessary to walk the cart all the way home and leave it parked in the neighbor’s front yard. i came home a week ago Sunday and found one from the neighborhood Walmart parked on my lawn. Two days later, while walking my dogs, i watched a mixed race couple with a Sav-A-Lot cart make it home with what appeared to be 2 bags, maybe 3. A’hem…why can’t one person carry a bag each? Huh.

Anyway, on my way home from the park this morning (these morning walks are so interesting) i see yet another pair walking a Marsh grocery cart home. Am i the only one who finds this interesting? Is it stealing or am i just crazy? Do the stores ask customers not to steal the carts?

When i approached management at the Walmart about the cart that stayed parked in my yard, i was told that i would have to get the cart back to the store if i wanted it off my grass. the store would not be coming by to pick it up! Outrageous.


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