My Epic Road Trip

City of the Angeles

Toward Los Angeles, California (LOC)

I was born in Los Angeles, California. When I was very young, my family relocated to another city. I have been land-locked there ever since. Although it's not so bad, I often dream of returning to California. How would I get there? Driving is the only way.

I have longed to set out on my own in a SUV to drive cross country, west to Los Angeles. My trip would take about 10 days, because I would start with the northern route through Illinois, Minnesota, Colorado, Oregon, then on down the Pacific Coast highway. I hear it is very beautiful there, and of course there would be numerous stops along the way. It would be a leisurely trip and I would not let the clock dictate my motion. Rather, I'd let my motion dictate the clock!

Once i got to the Pacific Coast Highway, I would travel southward toward Los Angeles. However, I cannot get this far and not stop in the city by the bay–talking bout San Francisco. I love San Francisco, with fog rolling in from the bay, encircling the Golden Gate bridge and engulfing everything around it. I love Chinatown and Haight Asbury. It's all good.

Then I'd be back in the car looking for another adventure. Eventually I'd get to Los Angeles and when i arrive there, skip Hollywood. I'm going to find the house where i grew up in when i was little. it's very important to me to look at this house. i have it in my head that when i lay eyes on it, a rush of memories will flood my mind and i will remember my long lost childhood with amazing clarity. After all, it's all part of the dream.

Once i had satisfied my curiosity and my sentimentality about my humble beginnings, it would be time to head home. But the route home would take me through Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico. I'm talking Route 66 all the way. I would finally be able to see the Grand Canyon and find out what all the hoopla is about.

Okay, that's the epic road trip. LA to set foot on the land where i grew up. Can't wait to get going and don't want to wait until I have only six months to live to do it.

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