talking fast

heavenly place - my garden

Image by M@rg via Flickr

Frequently, at the end of the day, and sometimes during the day, i find myself scrolling through the pages of Facebook, roaming for information and inspiration just like the rest of the contemporary world, I  suppose. I check in on my friends (and peak in on others) because of my incurable curiosity.

Call me Curious George…I don’t care.

I believe inspiration is everywhere. Simply open your eyes and your heart and have your pen ready.

Upon such occasions, I have stumbled upon an application that lets facebookers read a Message From God. No, it’s not really a message from heaven, but rather I imagine some preacher, bible scholar or priest commissioned to write one spiritually based affirmation after another. A heavenly hallmark card of sorts. Put as much weight on its content as you care to.

I admit that some days the messages hit home; other times they miss without question. Today’s message however was a missile aimed directly at me. it hit home immediately and immediately I thought of my blog. Thus it is:

On this day, God wants you to know
… that you’ve been talking to God too much, and not listening enough. Prayer is when you talk to God. Meditation is when you become quiet and listen to God. You’ve learned how to talk and ask well. Time to learn how to listen and hear, because God has been answering you.

Woah. Talk about hitting home. Imagine me, not listening. Ironically I’m 2 days away from a Talking Fast in preparation for my writer’s retreat in Sharpsburg. The retreat facilitator had suggested it about a month ago, when I shared that i felt i was hitting a wall with my writing.

“Perhaps you should stop talking about writer’s block, and take time to listen,” she gently suggested. She never said another word about it, but i have thought about it ever since. Funny, isn’t it. Thursday, September 23rd is the day. I begin a sundown on Wednesday and it ends at sundown on Thursday. 

When i read the message from God, I instantly saw myself on my back porch or in my prayer space faithfully every morning praying for the past 4 years…talking incessantly to God. I’ve complained and snotted and cried out to God about so many things, mother, son, pain, love (or the lack thereof) and, of course, my work and career as a writer, a poet.
Afterwards, I often grab my journal and begin to write more of my thoughts and reflections on a scripture I’ve read or something profound in The Daily Bread or My Utmost for His Highest (two of my favorite indispensible daily devotionals). Often I’ve believed God was talking to me but sometimes I was skeptical. I spun around in all directions, looking desparately for confirmation.

In fact just the other day, I confessed that I had rushed ahead after asking God for something, assuming I had heard from him, but too impatient to wait for the answer he had for me.

so there it was; my admonishment.. that you’ve been talking to God too much, and not listening enough. I had been outted by a Facebook application.

Time I learn how to listen and hear, because God has been answering me all along.

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