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Senses Working Overtime

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I did as Adilah suggested today, and went on a Talking Fast. Almost backed out of it twice, but i knew deep down the significance of taking time to get in touch with my senses: touch, hearing, smell, sight. And i did. while walking the dogs, i began to ingest the world around me and take in the beauty of the day like never before.

What was interesting early on was that the fast was empowering and powerful and it caused me to communicate creatively. For example, I sent an e-mail to my friends & family who habitually call me, telling them what I was doing. And they all respected what i said i was trying to do–for which i am eternally grateful.

Also, the fast caused me to slow down a bit more than usual. I was intentional in my activities, and my senses were very sensitive. For example, without being able to talk, I cried and laughed to myself, simply at  my own thoughts. I clearly understood that God wanted me to rely on his strength today.

When I prayed, he answered me and encouraged me by giving me the strength I needed (Ps 139:4) I know that because I waited on Him, I was able to fly (on wings like eagles), run (and not grow weary) and walk (and not faint). (Is 40:31).

The Talking Fast was way overdue.


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