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Good Fences Still Make Good Neighbors

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My long-time, next door neighbor simply is a hoot. She's so funny; i look forward to our over-the-fence chats. She stays so busy that it isn't often that our paths cross, but when they do, I am always entertained.

My neighbor is a quirky, eccentric older black woman who lives alone. She has 2 dogs, Buddy & Ezra, and a cat named Momma. Momma lives outside most of the time although as the temperatures are dropping in our region, Momma has been seen slipping into the house through the back door more often.

My neighbor is cool. She is a writer–a poet actually–and she is miraculously able to spend a considerable amount of her time with creative endeavors. Solitude suits her. She's devoted to God and regularly attends church every Sunday. Every time we talk, the subject eventually finds its way back to her faith in God and His ability to do anything. It is always encouraging and uplifting.

One thing that I admire about my next door neighbor is that she is an advid gardner. I have watched her spend hours in her garden–picking and pruning and pulling in the heat of the sun. Often she is up at the crack of dawn and will retire around 11 in the morning. Other evenings, I can find her bent over a patch of flowers, pulling and neatening away.

She's lived in her house for about 10 years. I think we moved into our houses about six months apart. She's older than I am by several years and her son is grown and has moved away. I don't notice that she has lots of company and I don't ever recall her having had overnight guests. She leads a solitary life and seems content in it. I don't ever remember seeing the inside of her house and I can only recall one incident in which she stood in my living room.

I admire her very much. I could not ask for a better neighbor and I hope she never moves away. She gives new meaning to the proverb: Good Fences Make Good Neighbors.

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