adventures in writing

Today was the first full day since spending a wonderful week at The Writer’s Well retreat. My blog is overflowing with words of wisdom having spent this precious time on top of the literary mountain. The pages of this blog for the next few months is filled with insight gained from my experiences, I know.

I know…

But all i can think about now is how i couldn’t get a wink of sleep until 2 AM this morning because my next door neighbor played music with the base volume up so loud i had no choice but to tap my toes under the cover. i tossed and turn for i’m sure an hour until i wore myself out and collapsed from sheer exhaustion.

It sucked, i was annoyed and i vowed to say something to her when i saw her next time.  That next time came  quicker than i expected, as she was standing beside her car in the driveway at 7:30 am this morning as if nothing had happened. She smiled sweetly, threw up a friendly wave with one hand and vanished under the dome of the car. Moments later, she backed out of the driveway, swung left and pulled into our little street, 41st Street. At the corner, she made a left and headed purposefully for the main thoroughfare en route to work, no doubt.

All I had was “Have a nice day!”

This experience is not a complete and utter social failure. I have learned to gather moments like this, the little details of my life and the lives of those around me and record them for later. these details will be relevant some day. some day i will be looking through my literary records for a reference to ‘annoyance, as with neighbor”, cross references with “loud music” and “2 AM awakenings” and this encounter will be filed there

So, as with all the other things I have penned over the last few months, I am filled with gratitude for these morsels of memory.

And as far as wisdom from the mountain, try this one on for size. I’m betting it’s a good fit for one of my fellow writers..

Excerpt from chapter entitled Listening, pp. 53-55.

“If you want to become a good writer, you need to do three things. Read a lot, listen well and deeply, and write a lot. Don’t analyze poetry with a logical mind: listen to it, read it. Enter poetry with your whole body”.

Natalie Goldberg, “Writing Down the Bones“.

Time for bed…adventure awaits.

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