remember to duck, mr. president

I cannot believe what i am reading. Don’t this but ‘take the cake’ on the subject of free publicity. Apparently a desperate author has taken matters into his own hand, wrenching the responsibility from the cold, icy grip of his agent or publicist. An unidentified author threw his own book at the president–literally speaking. I mean, come on, people. Is this senseless violence really necessary?

The well-meaning, peace-loving, justice-seeking people of this country get the message loud and clear from the trash talking people, some of whom were bold enough to comment on the news article: THEY DON’T LIKE PRESIDENT OBAMA. Okay, we get that.

However, is it really necessary to hurl books AND insults at him every time he pokes his head out of the White House doors? I’m endless amazed at how quickly people turned on the president after the 2008 elections. Earlier today, I was looking at pictures of the First Family taken shortly after election night in November 2008 . Picture #1 is of two young white girls, dancing and embracing joyfully in the streets. They may have worked on the campaign or worked in the political channels on some otherwise obscure democrats campaign. Nevertheless, there was cause for tearful celebration.

Then there’s another photo-americana with the newly elected president waving to what seems like a sea of people in Nebraska or Iowa or some mid-western state where the naysayers said ‘it ain’t gonna happen.’ Yet, there he is with his brown wife and brown children, waving presidentially to a sea of humanity. Brown faces, tan faces, white faces, native american, chicano and latina faces, red necks, white collars, blue collars, closeted tea partiers, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, Catholics, Baptists, Protestants, Jews, men, women and children. They are all waving and shouting and smiling at him.

Now it has come to this.

As a writer, I have from time to time struggled with the issues of publicity, notoriety and fame.  Throughout even the toughest of times, I don’t think i would ever resort to throwing one of my chapbooks at the president of the United States of America.

If you are as intrigued by this episode in our nation’s history as i am, click this link for the story.

To be fair, the author did say he meant no harm to the president (yeah, right) and that he merely was trying to get the president’s attention and potential readership (which explains why the Secret Service gave him a pass and brought no charges. I was wondering about the title of the book and if it is available on yet). But all the same–it seems extreme to me. ;-O0

IDK, Tell me what you think…

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