the world is a good place

red and black umbrella

Image by eschipul via Flickr

The day wasn’t supposed to go this way, but then one never really can say how their day will go, can they?

Today I learned that for every selfish, mean, hateful person, there are three thoughtful, kind ones. . .and a couple of police officers. :-o) The world remains a good, safe place.

There we three stood, James, Anya and a third one, in the only downpour of this magnitude since early summer. James held a black and red umbrella that had seen better days. One of the tines had collapsed, no doubt under the weight of too much water or the force of too much wind. His pale yellow shirt clung to his skin like a second skin, while he held the umbrella over the woman and a reddish-brown lump on the ground at his feet.

Anya had taken her jacket off to use as a blanket and the back of her blue knit shirt clung tightly and weighty.  Her short stringy hair lashed across her determined face and stark blue eyes stared at me on the phone and the little puppy she knelt beside. She spoke softly to the puppy to keep him calm and gently stroked him where she could do not further harm.

The third one had no protection from the rain at all, but it didn’t seem to faze her as she frantically dialed 911 over and over again until someone actually picked up the phone. This animal was in trouble.

911 Dispatcher: “911, what is your emergency?”

Bystander: “An animal has been hit by a car and we need help.”

911 Dispatcher: “Did you say an animal has been hit?”

Bystander: “Yes, please hurry. He’s been badly injured and is lying in the street.”

911 Dispatcher: “What is your location?”

Bystander: “I’m in the middle of Keystone Avenue.”

911 Dispatcher: “North or South Keystone?”

By this time, the bystander is crazy from the rain, the frustration of being put on hold and the shock of seeing a pit bull puppy hit by a car racing South on Keystone Avenue right before her eyes. The hit and run accident happened around 3 PM. The SUV driver was traveling about 40 miles an hour. The driver hit the dog and never stopped. The bystander, an animal lover, risked her life by standing in the middle of the southbound lane of Keystone Avenue in order to divert traffic so to pitiful creature would not sustain further injury.

This animal was in trouble and creeping out of the street to the safety of the sidewalk. . .finally.
That’s when James and Anya arrived. Anya left her car and seeing the bystander, ran to see what she could do to help. She covered the helpless creature and helped get it out of harms way, while James held the umbrella over Anya and the dog in the now pouring rain. The bystander called the police who arrived relatively quickly, considering the 911 dispatcher’s incredulous responses to our pleas. We figured it would be hours and hours, if help came at all.

We were mercifully wrong. The calvary showed up fairly quickly, gained control of the traffic situation, and began to help.

There was one bad guy and several good people this day. I’m glad I was one of the good people.

2 Responses to “the world is a good place”

  1. Oh but for the love of strangers…..

  2. I agree, the world is a good place! We often forget this because we give extra weight to all the negative in the world and not enough to the positive. It’s great that you stopped to do the right thing. The world needs more people like you three! Keep up the positivity!

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