i was a bag of bones

I write with only two days to go before a general election in Indiana and 2 years before a national, presidential election.I know that similar elections are gearing up all across the country. 

Today was the second day in as many days that i have felt like a bag of bones in the context of this election. Now, i’m not a political know-it-all with high-handed opinions and insight.There are plenty of these experts to go around. I’m more of the sensuous type that feels things–vague things that have no shape or color. This election year feels really bad.

For example, while channel surfing this morning, I trip upon a broadcast on one of the conservative Christian stations featuring John Hagee. He was discussing the ramifications of a return to Republican control of the Senate and railing on President Obama for being too friendly with muslims and jews.

At least I think that was his issue–a not-too-well-veiled attempt at prompting his anti-semitic agenda.

Anyway, my flesh began to crawl again, just as it did when i heard a campaign ad on the radio endorsing Marvin Scott, a local candidate for senate here in Indiana, rail against the President for his leadership in crafting a healthcare reform act. We knew it was going to be hard, but i never would have imagined that the same black men who kissed the ground on November 2008 because a black man had been elected president of the United States would now pick up a dagger and ram it into his back. I wanted to pull over to the side of the road and vomit.

Where are the people with the smiling faces and cheers standing behind Mr. Obama as he addressed the nation over and over about change coming to America? What happened to all the young people who worked on the campaign to see that Obama was elected into the White House? The young rebels and visionaries who worked tirelessly for the campaign and believed with all their heart that we were “one nation” as he spoke to excited groups in Iowa and New Hampshire?

One thing that is undeniable, even for John Hagee and his boys, is that Mr. Obama is an awesome speaker. Enjoy it while it lasts America. Change, oh yeah baby, is coming again.

I Was A Bag of Bones

tonight i discovered
that i was a bag of bones
a teetering fence
a loose bolt on a swinging back door on a windy day
the skeleton rattling in the closet
behind the Thom McCann sneakers

everyone tried to hide
twisted piles of bone, gristle, teeth and scar tissue
with no name
someone’s been calling my name 

some now because i carried
so much guilt about being who i am
because no-one seemed to care
unable to answer the call

even today when i heard my name
i assumed he was calling for someone else
i didn’t know that getting another chance
could feel so sweet

broken wings have healed
and are ready to fly
the resurrection begins
the grave-clothes come off

he has called my name

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