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I met a friend this afternoon and we took in a movie. We went to see the premier of “For Colored Girls”, the Tyler Perry movie version of the Obie Award winning play by one of my favorite writers, Ntosake Shange. I was duly impressed with what Perry did with the piece. I believe he is an artist, even if he does draw characters who are a little on the melodramatic side.

But isn’t that why you go to the movies in the first place? For the escape?

The theatre was fairly crowded and there was the temporary scare that the 5:15 showing was going to sell out. But we didn’t come close to a sell out. Just the familiar crush to get the seats in the middle at the top row in the theatre. Not everyone can get those seats. My friend moved faster than I did and snagged us a couple–just in time too.

So I sit down with my medium popcorn and Junior Mints and get comfortable for the production. I’m a little wedged in between my friend’s body and that of another movie-goer but I guess close quarters are okay. So the lights begin to dim and the previews go on. There’s the Russell Crowe flick about breaking his wife out of jail, and then Loretta Devine all over the place, this time in a comedy. As near as i can tell, the joke is that bourgeois meets ghetto, falls in love and gets married without the in-laws meeting first.

I think I’ll wait until that one is in Redbox. But anyway, For Colored Girls was entertaining  but not enlightening. Last month, I re-read the choreoform poetry book for the 3rd time. I have loved the language of the poetry for a long time. I think Shange’s use of language and her brush strokes with words were what seduced me to want poetry as part of my existence.

I give For Colored Girls 4 out of 5 stars. Bravo to Perry and the lovely women who portrayed the characters in the poems. Bravo.

Good night all.


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