God has a sense of humor

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God has a sense of humor. Here’s how I know:

Blessed with the friendship of a local published poet, I find that his mentorship in the midst of his busyness encourages and inspires me.

We’ve met once recently at a local coffee shop, and spent two hours talking about art, poetry, music, and some of the story of our individual lives. Chit-chat to some–pieces of a mosaic called a life to us.

I have not had contact with him since his departure in late October to visit with family members in Germany. From his Facebook posts, it seems that he is having a grand time; he  & his wife are reconnecting with friends he hasn’t seen in many years. He has been able to spend time with his daughter, and other gifts of the trip are the beautiful landscapes that surround him.

I know he will return with new works, or be inspired to pen them once he returns home. His travels make me want to see Europe and some day I will. I want to visit (Paris) France, (London) England and (Dublin) Ireland.

While I think about him, I marvel at the men in my life who have inspired such art and passion in me. Not lustful wantings necessarily, but when I think about significant emotional events, there is a man involved.

A black man was the one who showed me that poetry was conversation; a brown man spoke softly and coaxed a shy little girl out of her shell; a yellow man challenged me to write what I knew–write my experiences in as much detail as possible; write those vivid word-pictures.

And now this white man of German descent sits with me in a coffee shop talking art and poetry and writing. My liaison with him is not too far-fetched. Rather, it is refreshingly real.


Yesterday, my friend Glynis wrote a poem and sent it to me. I’m waiting for her permission to reprint the entire piece entitled “when things change”. It is beautiful. There is a line in the poem that I cannot leave alone. I hope she doesn’t mind:

“but God is funny though”.

Indeed, God is funny.


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