Everything Happens for a Reason: My Stance

A Reminder to Live Life Loved

To understand that everything happens for a reason, one must first understand the search for purpose. Many spend their entire life seeking to know the purpose and meaning for their lives. They read many books, watch many movies and study others' lives…the lives of those who have what seems to be success. All in order to understand their own life and mimic the lives of others. The drive for success, recognition and acceptance is great, and it pushes people along in their lives.

Until they stop one day because they realize that all the striving, working and mimicking doesn't get them anywhere near where they wanted to be. Even prayer doesn't take them to the place of purpose in their lives. The only thing that works is love. Simple but effective; it is God's love in our life that gives our life its purpose. He loves us and therefore, whatever happens in our lives is for a reason–to demonstrate and prove that we are loved.

I read my Daily Message From God. It is November 25th (2010) and God's message to me is that I am loved and I am not alone despite how it appears. This day of thanksgiving has left me with nothing but gratitude in my heart for all that I am blessed with. I am loved and I am grateful for that love. It is all I've ever wanted in life and I have had it all my life. We each have it all our lives and we only have to reach a place where we recognize that the only thing we have is the only thing we need.

So everything happens for a reason, and the reason is so that God can prove that he loves each one of us.

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One Response to “Everything Happens for a Reason: My Stance”

  1. Excellent post! You are exactly right, everything happens for a reason and we all need to remember and realize this.

    Thank you for the inspirational post and hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

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