i did it for her. . .

Elizabeth Edwards attends a house party in Bre...

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Although when I made the appointment back in September, I had no idea the events of the day would unfold as they did. Just as life has its funny ways and ironic twists, today was the appointed day for me to have my 5-year interval mammogram.

It is also the day that sadly, a champion of the fight for access to healthcare for the commonfolk took her last few breaths and passed away.

Rest in peace, Mrs. Edwards. You have fought valiently and fearlessly. You have shown the world what bravery looks like. Rest in peace, Miss Elizabeth. Ironically, I almost cancelled my mammogram twice last month because of my concern that I could not pay for it if insurance didn’t cover it. This is the very thing that Elizabeth Edwards devoted her life to after her initial diagnosis in 2004.

So 6 years later, I did it for her. . .and for me.


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