looking in the rear view mirror

New Years's Eve Fireworks

Image by c r i s via Flickr

Longevity is a part of my DNA. My family history is a story of sustainability and endurance. Ancestors and elders now gone on have lived far beyond the norms. My 91-year-old mother is testament to this and she shows no signs of giving up or sitting down.

 As I continue to reflect on the year gone by, a publication called Our Daily Bread offers encouraging essays on the Christian life. The December 31, 2010 essay entitled “Rearview Mirror Reflections” is written by Joe Stowell and from it I borrow the concept for my end of year blog.  Stowell writes, “I’ve always thought that you can see the hand of God best in the rearview mirror.” He goes on to say in essence that he sees more clearly the “works of God’s hands” when he glances in the rearview mirror of his own life.  I agree with this and I believe this rear view perspective provides clarity about the life God has granted me.

This perspective provides  me an opportunity to come to grips with accepting exactly who I am and nothing less.

Rather than describing myself as a broken down, tired poet who dreams too much and writes too little, I determine that the trials and struggles I have endured in the journey are worth it. Instead of seeing myself as an uneducated has-been, I choose to embrace the woman I have become and celebrate her.

So, in 2011 I will stick with what works: (1) wait on God, (2) do not complain, (3) do not quit, (4) do not worry about tomorrow and (5) remember to tell someone about each struggle and each victory. Rather than dwell on the negatives of the past, I choose today to look forward to the fulfilled dreams of the future. May the next 50 years be as beautiful and adventurous as the past 50 years. On New Year’s Eve 2010, as the hour approaches when another year arrives, I lift my glass and toast to life: determining that it is good.


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