Tuesday’s Writing

Okay, I’m sitting in Panera’s on Keystone, about to reset my password to The Writer’s Center site when I realize I’m blue about writing. I think I will try the password “betrayal” since that’s how I feel after 90 minutes of non-productivity. Why can’t I get traction with trying to submit some of my work to on-line literary magazines? Even the bottomless cup of coffee that I had come to treasure, left much to be desired today. I tortured myself for 90 minutes today, bouncing from one subject/website to another. Even though I faithfully come to these writing sanctuaries to try to get this thing going, my accountant has already kissed it off as a hobby. I need a writing group desparately. So desparately, i am interested in a women’s writing group that will meet on the last wednesday of the month on the south side of town.

To my credit, I did do a substantial re-write to “God’s Business”. I am publishing the draft to this blog for the world to see and comment upon. Please, world–comment upon.

Anyway, I come to this writing time with such enthusiasm and optimism and leave usually on the verge of tears for lact of productivity.


2 Responses to “Tuesday’s Writing”

  1. So sorry to hear you’re down about your writing. Why not form your own Writer’s Group. You know when and where you want to meet – perhaps you could advertise or try word of mouth? In regards to getting your writing published my advice is to start small. Target one publication, study their guidelines, write and revise one article and send it through. If it’s rejected try again. And keep sending it through until it’s published. Stay committed – have faith you’re on the right path.

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