another Tuesday, another inspiration


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today i was fortunate to engage in a 30 minute timed writing. but this time, something was different. i was challenging myself to write off the top of my head. i used a prompt that asked the question: What was my favorite slang expression. I found myself creating a married couple.

Pam and Lou, a 30-something couple with divers interests and aspirations. She was a lawyer, and he was a stay-at-home dad. it was working for them, at least in my fruitful imagination.

I like writing like that. it challenges me to think outside the box. i have always been good at this time of extemporaneous writing, in my humble opinion. Writing like that causes me to want to explore all the possibilities writing can provide for my life. Writing like that cues me that the sky is truly the limit once i get my educational goals achieved. Writing like that causes me to trust in myself.

Oh, by the way, the favorite slang expression? Whatever!


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