little nibbles

Today was a rare day of accomplishment. In fact, this week has been bullet-riddled with little victories.  It has been a week of dining on the elephant. . .one bite at a time, chewing slowly so as not to choke on the thick, rough skin. One nibble at a time, that’s how it’s done. 

I have joined a writing group for women. We had our first meeting earlier this week and I am very optimistic that joining with other women committed to this artform will help me feel like and act as though I am part of a community of writers. Lately it has not been so, and I must admit to a bit of discouragement in my writing. I have slacked off in the blogging, and to my dismay I have not been writing as much as I would like through the month of January.

However, I know that lessons found in discouragement teach me humility and gratitude for whatever my mind finds to right. Practicing the harnessing of the “drum major instinct” that Dr. Martin Luther King wrote so powerfully about, helps this writer avoid being carried through the door, out into the parking lot, beyond the thicket and into the wilderness of myself. 

Whether any of this is relevant to my new writing group, I am eager to get started. I expect to read the works of other gifted writers. I am also excited to hear the feedback from members of the group about my poems and short stories.  Feedback is the fodder upon which writers who wish to improve their writing are nourished. I hope I am nourished by this group. Ten women agree to meet every 4th Tuesday to review and critique each others’ work. The thought is exhilarating.

Thus I place a  big red line through TO DO #512: find and participate in a writing group.


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