Writing Like a Warrior

Will my dreams liberate your fragile voice
shake loose your delicate words

like little downy feathers
drifting through the air
looking for a place to rest   


My mantra: Don’t worry, don’t complain and don’t quit!

For February, I am committing to writing something every day, asking God for snippets from the dialogue of life to share with the rest of the world. Some interesting, others not so, writing every day will help me regain my confidence and hold me accountable.

Somewhere between daily blogging, and being present with my new writing group, I expect great development in the next 30 days. The writing group is exciting and scary. I have asked the participants to click over now and then. While this may represent an annoying nuisance for them, it will definitely keep me on my toes as a writer. I will be attempting to grinding out text that is compelling and interesting day after day. But after all, I am a writer…a poet. Someday I hope to make a decent living forged from the discipline of sitting at my computer for hours!!!

And so I write. And hope that someone feels inclined to read what I have written before the internet sweeps them away to Facebook Island and Twitter Land.  Meanwhile, I have been listening intently to the poet who lives within for the past two or three weeks. She has been writing feverishly, while I seemingly am standing still. I am at a transitional period in my life:

Do I move forward with warrior determination, or do I continue to stand still.

4 Responses to “Writing Like a Warrior”

  1. Yay D,
    So glad to see you driven to the keyboard and pouring out your soul.
    The words in my head
    that needed to be caught before they fled
    got me out of bed today
    See, I told you I am an awful poet. That came out rhyming by accident actually. (-:

    • Michele: Thank you so much for reading my blog with interest and enthusiasm. I appreciate your observations and feedback. As I said before, it is one of the things that will keep me committed as a writer. Bless you for that!

      Grace & Peace,


  2. Rosie Bishop Says:

    I have signed on because I, too, have begun to call myself a writer. And I love this:
    “My mantra: Don’t worry, don’t complain and don’t quit!”
    Especially don’t quit. Tonight I watched Independent Lens on the Muncie public station and saw severely retarded or physically disabled people making music together, making joyful noises, graced by the most patient, tough, loving sheroes and heroes! I went to bed and got up again because I just had to write. Call this my second free writing for the day because I just have to crow about the dignity of the human spirit! The HIGHER POWER of people caring for people and never quitting, not complaining, just loving what they love–together.

    Thanks for this blog, Diane. People have told me I need to start one but I seem to find places for my own snippets, opinions and delights, whether on my own memoir project, to friends online or commenting on the blogs of others. Confidence is such a treasure, and just your intention is a vital step toward it. I like your confidence in confidence, your expectation, ” writing every day will help me regain my confidence and hold me accountable.” Just so you’ll know, it was not an annoying nuisance to Rosie! Yes, Diane, do move forward until you need a rest. Your passion is unmistakable. Trust that it will fuel you to move forward until you need another time of rest– standing still for a while. I love that Thoreau quote, too, “”The greatest compliment that was ever paid me was when someone asked me what I thought, and attended to my answer.” As a “talker,” a word woman, I often have to remind myself, as I have my students, LISTENING IS LOVING.

    Question: Are the Twitterings on the right from you or others, e.g. Letter from Birmingham Jail? Also curious to see Diane Valentine, as a friend’s family name is Valentine. Hoosier origins?

    • Greetings, Rosie! Thank you so much for commending on my blog. I have been quietly writing for over a year, using the blog to air my deep feelings as well as keep me focused on the writing, as perseverance is everything to me. I believe it is the dragon that slays many an artist. So I write for you, Michele, Kathy and any others who care to. I am born on Valentine’s Day and in an ongoing attempt to reinvent myself, my pseudonym is Diane Valentine. I was born in Los Angeles and have lived in Indianapolis all of my adolescent through adult life.

      Keep reading. . .

      Grace & Peace,


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