do not fear, only trust

A massive snow/sleet/ice storm has swept through the mid-west, catching my city in its giant net. Got me thinking again about this poem I wrote called “God’s Business.”

I think the local television meteorologists are trying to scare us or make us crazier than we already are: as if being concerned about family members, loved ones, lost pets, etc. who may be stranded in this blizzard isn’t enough. Now you want us to worry about a live power line coming down in my back yard, or over my head, or across a fence or who knows where??

I refuse to fear or worry. Instead, I choose to trust God.

Mr. Weatherman, STOP. Just stop. I just finished listening to the news. Since people have enough intelligence to stay in, and because everything is closed, no one is driving anywhere. So there are no automobile accidents to report or traffic tie ups to avoid. I haven’t heard a police siren all day.

God has all the details worked out. Crime is down, family time is up.  To every cloud (pardon the pun), there is a silver lining.

So, I’m looking for a good book to read, and when I get sleepy then its off to bed. I thank the Lord for providing everything I need and I believe that we will all make it through this storm. Do not give in to fear and worry. Instead, trust God.

Day 2 of my writing jag is complete.


One Response to “do not fear, only trust”

  1. Rosie Bishop Says:

    One person’s weed is another’s wildflower. I just love the weather persons who remind me that weight on the wires can lead to power outage. THAT reminds me of three days without power (well, let’s say, electricity as I credit God for a major sources of POWER that you so honor, Diane.) Well, that IPL thing motivated me to cook, cook, cook yesterday and I discovered something I really like. COOK DAY! While I have the mess going just prepare a lot of food.

    And THEN, a friend sent information on “resistant carbs” and COLD POTATOES have 2 times more than hot ones! So I am going to bake six potatoes!

    I do love this line: Crime is down, family time is up. And I DON’T know blog netiquette, so am probably blabbing too much. Stimulating thinking u r, Diane!

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