Property in New Mexico

Santa Fe's Downtown Area

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I have no spiritual or philosophical reflections today. I did not ascent to the top of any mountain today; too slick to mount anyway.  However, after seeing photos of the Pedernal plateau in the Jemez Mountains of New Mexico, innocently posted on the Facebook page of a writer buddy, I’m just wondering if I should investigate buying property in New Mexico.

And I’m thinking about my dogs.

They were my entertainment today, slipping and sliding about in the backyard. One of them actually took off running on the ice and nearly slid into the fence. Then he came back, playfully challenging his ‘lil’ bro’ to do the same. 

Little brother was having none of it. While outside, he stared longingly at the door, no doubt wondering where I had vanished.  He actually gave me a look that said “What took you so long?” when I finally re-emerged at the back door with the leash and a treat for his good behavior.

Meanwhile, the comedian continued to romp and play on the ice, having disappeared around on the east side of the house. He eventually came inside, more from curiosity about what lil’ bro and I were doing as that his little paws were freezing.

Now we curl up together, keeping each other warm. The comedian takes his usual position, encircled at my feet, strategically positioned to monitor my every move. My other dog has slipped into his ritualistic nap-sleep-coma as he does every night, curled up on a fur ball at one end of the sofa.

I envy him sometimes. He won’t move until I whistle that it’s time for bed. Then, and only then, will he unfurl, stretch front and back legs leisurely and practically push me aside to get to the foot of my bed.

We are all going to greatly enjoy those first days of spring when we go outside where we love. We’re all wishing I had bought property in New Mexico now. We need to get warm.


2 Responses to “Property in New Mexico”

  1. I like your transitions and quality. I have been writing for Ghost Writers for a while now, and they pay me very well to write blog posts like this, or articles. I clear $100-$200 on a awful morning.
    Judging by your skill with words, you may enjoy doing the same.
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    • Greetings, Writers Wanted!

      Thank you for your invitation. I will give it consideration. And thanks for the compliments about my writing. Grace & Peace to you.

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