The Most Difficult Recipe I’ve Tried

Steak Diane Is the Most Difficult Recipe I Have Ever Tried…And The Most Rewarding

Steak dinner

Steak Diane. Ironically, Steak Diane has sent me into a stratosphere of culinary curiosity. It all started with my desire to cook a special dinner for a few of my close friends on Valentine’s Day. When I began to prepare for the dinner I had a taste for steak. A simple taste for steak. And I thought my guests might like it too.

So I went to the internet to research steak recipes. There are dozens of them. Fortunately for my taste buds, many of them involve a cup of red wine or brandy. So I felt right at home and I sensed some kind of serendipitous connection to steak Diane. So I decided to investigate further.

There are about 15 ingredients involved, along with beef tenderloin and filet mignon. Complicated does not begin to describe steak Diane—which is why it so intrigued me that I had to try it. The irony was not lost on me.

The meal satisfied me to the core. It is now one of my favorite, decadent, this-is-how-I-say-I-love-you recipes. It gives comfort food a whole new meaning I now have friends for life (must have been the cup of brandy) and a new zest for gourmet cooking.

You can have your own kitchen love affair. Go to

Bon Appetit!!

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