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Without offending anyone in particular, i must vent a little about how easily one group of people tromps about on the rights and privileges of another. for a week now, Egyptian President Mubarak has tromped on the sensibilities of the Egyptian people. He has been so bold as to thumb his nose at the passion and intensity of the people over whom he has exploited and denied any freedom to nearly 30 years. Incredible, the arrogance of man.

With good reason the Egyptian people have taken their frustrations to the street. Throughout the middle East, unemployment continues to soar. At this hour in Cairo, unemployment is double digits. For the past 11 or 12 days, thousands of protestors have been standing in the middle of downtown Cairo, shouting obscenities at American cameras, and American cameramen, hoping to get their message in the public’s face. We have seen a predominantly Arabic-speaking country hold neatly prepared English signs up when American cameras pan the crowd.

Just what do they expect when one group patronizes the establishments of another group of people who heretofore have oppressed them. Are not gas prices beyond ridiculous? Are you willing to die for the luxury of being able to drive our cars for long distances. If you think for one minute that one thing (revolt in Egypt) has nothing to with another (the failing economy in Egypt). But they do, dear reader.

Join me in protest to foreign governments that twist and distort and humiliate the good-natured will of its people. The Egyptian people have laid a blueprint for we in America to follow if we are so inclined. As they have been able to sustain for the last 11 days that the country will not slip into the Pacific ocean if we all go on unemployment and collect government checks for a week is not impossible. I’m saying we tuck this strategy in our back pocket in case the tea -party-ers get their way.

Who knows what a 2-week offensive could do to turn around foreign and domestic policy in the United States. We should tear a page from the Egyptian playbook and learn to make it our own.


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