what does this have to do with Christmas?

Cover of "Peace on Earth (Holiday Greetin...

While stuck in traffic today, I wondered why it is so hard to find the Christmas spirit any more. Did Christ come to earth for naught? Was the precious gift of salvation wasted on humanity? We war and fight, kill and steal, but do we pause to remember.

I beg of you–if you are knotted up inside about not being able to secure an X-box 360 or a pair of Air-Jordan tennis shoes, please take a moment and ask yourself if you know the true meaning of Christmas. The true meaning of Christmas. Ask Christ to come into your heart and turn the darkness of materialism into the light of love. Receive The Gift of Light today and let that light shine in dark places.

Which is more important: a person’s life or a pair of tennis shoes? Answer carefully and truthfully. It is only then that we will understand that we are created human beings, not human doings.

Merry Christmas to all. My prayer is that you pause to open The Gift, reflect on what it means to you, receive the blessing of grace and peace, and then share the blessing of Peace on Earth, Goodwill Toward Men.

Read the full story in Luke 2:7-15.

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