It’s Tuesday

Tuesdays around here mean it writing time. After spending an hour and a half reading 10-day-old e-mails, I’m ready for some real action as a writer. This translates into a trip to Panera’s for a bread bowl of soup and a couple of hours recouped from Outlook with pure writing. I’ve already heard some short poems that I’d like to include in my new poetry book that I’m writing.

As I listen to the first snow of winter
I hear it through my mother’s eyes.

As I hear the first cuts of winter blues
I feel it with my mother’s fingers.

A slow tap, a hooded gaze
a stern rebuke
no gentle caresses
fill my memory tubes


One Response to “It’s Tuesday”

  1. Rosie Bishop Says:

    Aw, “gentle caresses” is such a lovely, nurturing phrase, Diane. We all need them and I hope there are actually some for you to grasp from your store of memory, Diane. Or maybe you will be on the giving end.

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