Serious Memories

Being creative is a serious matter and it requires a lot of work and self discipline. Looking over my notes of my writing times this month, I realize that I have not been able to blog at all in May. Shameful–I must write every day and I must attend to the craft and practice. But, rather than brow-beat myself silly, I will instead offer a poem to you, dear reader, for your comments and/or opinion.

It’s memorial day weekend and even though what’s hot is Indiana Pacers, the 500 Mile race and veterans, I’m taking a minute to remember Mother. Thanks for journeying with me.

children; listen when the elders speak

i’m guilty of murdering memories
mother took with her
stories of courage
stories of rage
stories of sacrifice
to the grave

and as i attempt in futility to
resurrect these words
their power is lost;
trapped in the folds of her magnificent hands
what delicate hands
though crippled, gnarled and
once dainty and polite?
hands that held no malice

yet I wielded the knife
laid the blade to the neck
of her memories
when she told me the stories
of poverty
of  faith
of family—I did not listen

each time, i did not with gentleness handle
what was most honorable
about her life
but rather with judgmentality and dismissiveness
slashed and struck at wisdom and experience
with brutality

when i in my short-sighted arrogance
was ready to listen
she was too tired to speak
when it was convenient for me
she was too tired to resurrect her pain
too tired to tell . . .
her stories lie dead on her lips
my advice?
children, listen when the elders speak
remain silent until they are done
ask questions but do not stop there
write down what they say
for the day will come
surely, the day is come
when only their spirits speak
for their tongues lie silent
from assaultive and murderous
ones like me


2 Responses to “Serious Memories”

  1. What moving words!

    BTW, thanks for stopping by and following my blog. I look forward to reading your comments.

    • Thanks Huffygirl. I have wrestled the 800 pound gorilla called “life” and found my way back to blogging. I love your posts…how do you do it? when do you do it?

      Type at you later…

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