Poem: You Are My Muse, by Diane Lewis

You Are My Muse

i understand it now

you are the key to the portal
to my creativity

with you i unlock
the Elohim inside me
the Creator—God—Immanuel

when i am the poet
you become the altar upon which
i rest my pen and paper

don’t be afraid
no matter what happens
do not be afraid
i won’t hurt you
i promise
i promise I will not hurt you

i’m giving birth to new works
i am Mother, open, transparent, vulnerable
i love you. . .
but in a different way

it’s not what you think
(although if you want to go carnal
i will gladly journey with you)

it’s love without boundaries
the conventional rules don’t apply
it’s different
don’t be afraid
you’re my muse, inspiration with a face

when my heart calls your name
it’s because i need you
so I can be who I am

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