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You Are The One We’ve Been Waiting For

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Actor, director Tony Goldwyn Photo courtesy

Actor, director Tony Goldwyn
Photo courtesy

Inspired by the title of a book by Alice Walker entitled We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For: Inner Light in a Time of Darkness (2006)

I’d like to take this opportunity to clarify some things.

As a cultural anthropologist, I have some observations which, in my normally humble opinion, need to be said. After watching an interview with Tony Goldwyn on Wednesday’s Watch What Happens Live (BRAVO), I got more insight into the phenomenon that is Tony Goldwyn and his amazing persona.

Specifically, I am seriously seeking the origin and nature of his appeal to middle-aged African American women and why masses of women of color are going bonkers for this man. Simply put, he is the one we’ve been waiting for.

Let me explain.

For years, women of color have been accepting their fate. Hated by their own race of men, they are forced into a corner to decide between surviving in a misogynistic, male-dominated world or living their adult lives alone.

It is no secret and should not be revelation to any women over age 30 that African American women would be drawn to a personality like Tony Goldwyn. Consistently he presents himself as a caring, loving person, the rare man who truly likes women and enjoys their company. We know him to be a compassionate man, advocating tirelessly for people who, though incarcerated, proclaim and maintain their innocence (Click here for more about Tony’s recent award for his dedicated work in this area and his ongoing involvement in  the Innocence Project.)

He is a passionate man as well as millions of viewers tune in faithfully each week to his most recent television project: Scandal on ABC. He is openly enamored with his talented co-star, Miss Kerry Washington and it’s no stretch that as his presidential character Fitz demonstrates each week, he holds equally in high esteem Miss Olivia Carolyn Pope.

There’s enough blogging and texting and instant-messaging and tweeting and facebooking and instagramming and tumbling going on out there that I do not need to expand on this aspect of Mr. Tony’s career.

That is not the intent of this blog entry.

As a cultural anthropologist, I want to examine that indescribable thing that ignites a fire in so many women like me, especially as one of African American descent, making this man’s extremist base grow exponentially. Close your eyes and imaging that you are shipwrecked on a deserted island somewhere in the south Pacific.

As you sit on the sandy beach alone, as you’ve sat on the sandy beach alone for the last 1,367 days, you look to the horizon and see a shadow that with time begins to favor what might be a cruise ship…TO BE CONTINUED.