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You Are The One We’ve Been Waiting For–Part 2

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(Continued from WordPress Posting Dated May 19, 2013)…

Close your eyes and imaging yourself shipwrecked on a deserted island somewhere in the south Pacific. As you sit on the sandy beach alone, as you’ve sat on the  sandy beach alone for the last 1,367 days, you look to the horizon and see a  shadow that with time begins to favor what might be a cruise ship.

Helen Island, Helen Reef, Palau. Original description: “Helen’s Reef – a classic desert island – elevation above sea level about 8 feet.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You stand up and squint your eyes because your eyes cannot believe themselves at this  moment: A ship is heading in your direction. You are rescued. You are okay.

This is the state of the demographic that is so profoundly affected by Mr.  Tony’s success. On the one hand, there are women who have been longing for a  man who openly demonstrates that he does not hate you simply because you are female. By the way he adores Kerry Washington and her alter-ego Olivia Pope, women sense that he is a loving, tender, caring man.  Tony represents the prototype of what we have wanted from a man all our lives and we are no longer forced to accept misogynistic hatred from black men.

On the other hand, there are women who have refused to compromise or accept poor treatment. The decision to live alone without a mate reflects  that we are not victims of domestic violence and abuse, either verbal or physical. We declare our independence from men who articulate their hatred for women,
or have no problem exploiting women, rejecting women and are especially hostile toward women of their own race. Isolation and loneliness is our only choice .

From personal experience, being alone is a quiet, dark place and we have waited for someone like Tony to turn on the light in the room. And that he has done. He is gently touching that place in the heart of every woman who lives in either of these rooms. He is not like
God, but he is god-like. He is touching the place that longs to be loved, to be known and to be heard.

We have always wanted to give ourselves completely to a man like Tony, but we have buried these longings deep inside us—until now. So when women say “I don’t know what it is about him, but I’m drawn to him,” or  “I really like/love him,” or  “I’m crushing on him,” or  “I wish he were my man,” what we are really doing is defining and giving voice to that longing inside us.

He expresses to Olivia the sentiments we wish to hear in our daily, mostly mundane lives: “I love you”, “I need to see you”, “I am nothing and you are everything”, “Wait for me”, “Watch me choose you”, and a personal favorite:  “I love you more than I love being president.” What woman of any race would not want to hear these words fed to her like a gourmet meal, week after week, day after day, hour after hour, minute after minute?

I am left to solve the mystery of Tony Goldwyn’s appeal to me. I find him sexy and attractive as a man. It is a turn on that he has been married to the same woman for over 20 years. I am turned on by the fact that he is the father of two girls who are obviously going to grow up to appreciate the men in their lives. It excites me that Tony is consistently classy in a Hollywood Clark-GableRock-Hudson sort of way. As an actor, throughout his career he has maintained dignity and integrity. As a director, his work is flawless and thoughtful.

Tony_in_Black_and_WhiteWhenever Tony wears a tuxedo, I get a rush—a refreshing alternative to the hood-rats too numerous to count who insist on wearing their pants around their ankles. Tony’s voice is like water flowing over rocks. His hair is the stuff of legends. His walk, his swagger is. . .well, uh…jazzy and sophisticated. So, it’s
no wonder that I proudly join the ranks with so many other women who have fallen in love with Anthony Howard Goldwyn.

Carry on, Mr. Goldwyn. Our ship has come in and you have flipped the switch.


Sometimes Christmas

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Joy to the World, the Lord has Come. Let Earth receive her King.

Christmastime 2009, I met New Shoes, a homeless man seated in an old wheelchair parked on East Washington Street. We met by chance while helping to serve meals to hungry, homeless and disenfranchized people in the city. New Shoes had no apparent place to live. Preserving his dignity meant I would not be able to confirm this. However, without doubt, it was cold outside and he was hungry. He was an iconic image of poverty and there I was standing right in front of him with the resources to help. And I did and in doing so, I was forever changed.

Sometimes Christmas can serve as a reminder of how blessed we are as a nation. While fighting two wars in two separate countries with American troops stationed abroad, we don’t feel the pressure to end the wars and get back to normal life. The troops often become invisible to all but those who love and care for them, carrying them in their hearts back home. This may very well be normal and what we do with our blessings becomes the stuff that makes up life.

So at Christmas time, all over the world, we listen to the stories of men and women who give and sacrifice so others have a better life, a better experience. At some point, the stories sound somewhat contrived and hokey, unreal and trite. But deep down in the heart of the subject (or the teller) you will find a nugget of truth: Christmas is a time to touch the lives of others let others touch our lives.

My encouragement to the world, on the universal day of joy and salvation, is to forget about Santa and reindeer, wrapping paper and one-day sales at Macy’s, Frosty and Scrooge, and focus on Christ and what his appearance here on earth really means.

It means that we are saved. It means that we are loved.

I’m looking forward to seeing New Shoes again this year.

Grace and Peace to you and yours.