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Ambushed by Anger

Posted in publishing with tags , , , , , , , , , , on July 9, 2016 by peace4diane

I’m angry.

And if I have to hear about how tragic the Dallas shooting on July 7th is, or how much we need to heal and come together and pray and lower our flags to half-staff…if I have to read another Facebook post about #BlackLivesMatter or #HandsUpDontShoot; if one more tweet, one more speech about coming together and building or re-buFerguson_Riot_Photo.1ilding a community goes forth. . .


I’m angry because the media is calling the July 7th killing an “ambush” but the July 6th killing was a “shooting.” Was not the result exactly the same? Somebody’s brother, uncle, husband, or father didn’t come home tonight.

Earlier I posted this on Facebook: “I’m angry about what is happening to black people in this country. What would happen if we disarmed the police? Took all their guns away? Two men would have gone home to their families this week if it were so. That’s what I know.”

Why was there no One-Hour Special: The Ambush in Minnesota airing on ABC at 9pm hosted by David Muir? When will we see the One-Hour Special: the Ambush in Baton Rouge airing with no commercial interruption?

Anarchy notwithstanding, I am not content to jump on the band wagon of “coming together to heal”.

I am angry.

Race_Riot_Photo.1My Christian heart breaks at what is going through my head. If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is true, then the protests, speeches, make-shift memorials, TV documentaries, rallies, prayer vigils, tears, and riots are of no use. They just don’t work. Disarming police officers is outside the box, but radical thinking is called for here. We need something that works. . .and we need it now.

I am furious.

I will not band wagon. Not yet. I need more evidence. Besides, I stand by my rationale to disarm the police because we as a people do not embrace the concept of the value of a Black person’s life anyway. Because we daily kill each other is evidence that we do not believe it. We really don’t need a police force at all. Let them all take administrative leave and stay home. Let us handle our disputes. Does a black life matter so much when my black brother or black sister picks up a gun and points it at another black person?

Let us not come together any more. There will very soon be no “us” anyway. I speak of revolution—the revolution of the mind. Think about how the media is using semantics to explain what happened in Dallas, brainwashing us to believe that these cops were innocently ambushed.


Doesn’t anybody get that?

Why is the flag lowered to half-staff one day and not another? Riddle me that.